2017 Worshipful Master Mike Bruno (right) presented the Past Master Apron.

Presented by 2018 WM Kevin Robinson (left) during the January 2018 lodge meeting.

2017 PM Apron Presentation


2016 Worshipful Master Destin Williams (left) presented with Past Master Apron.

Presented by Mike Bruno (2017 WM) during the January 2017 lodge meeting.

2016 PM Apron presentation

Brother James Hussey Awarded the 50 Year Apron, Certificate, & Pin

Grand Secretary Joeseph Watson honored our lodge by conducting the 50 year presentation ceremony for Bro Hussey on June 23, 2016


Brother Hussey and GS Watson
Brother Hussey (left) and Grand Secretary Watson
Brother Hussey 50 year Certificate
Brother Hussey 50 year Certificate






















50 and 60 year members present
Lodge Members Present with 50 & 60 years of service
Brother Hussey's daughter pinned him with 50 year pin
Brother Hussey's Daughter Pinned Him



Brother Barry Lung (right) Awarded the 25 Year Certificate & Pin.

barry lung 25year award

Darel Segars (right) receives his well earned Master Mason degree and apron.

Presented on January 28, 2016 by WM Destin Williams

darel segars masters apron01282016

2015 Worshipful Master John Hughes (left) presented with Past Master Apron.

Presented by Destin Williams (2016 WM) during the January 2016 lodge meeting.

hughes past master apron800x600

Brother Wirt Durdin (left) shared his Republic of Korea Commendation Medal with his lodge brethren.

December 2015

rok commendation to wirt800x600

2015 Worshipful Master John Hughes (right) was presented the 2015 DeMolay Master's Pin.

April 9, 2015 pinning ceremony was conducted by Jeff Hooper (left).

Pinning ceremony to John Hughes, WM on April 9, 2015