Actually, we could say it all started in the NuWay Weiner restaurant on Cotton Ave. in Macon early in 1957. It was here that Harry Andros (co-owner of NuWay), Charles Avant and James Lindsey often came after just to chit chat and have coffee after a lodge meeting at Ft. Hawkins # 414 where they were all members. They felt there was a need for another blue lodge in Macon (particularly South Macon), and wondered what it would take to get one started. Harry Andros took the initiative and on January 14, 1957 they met again at the NuWay to discuss some ideas that Harry had on starting the new lodge and to make plans for doing it.

1957 - With the concurrence of the Worshipful Master of Ft. Hawkins Lodge, these three Brothers contacted the Grand Secretary (Brother Dan Locklin) to inquire as to what they needed to do to get the process started. They were informed that they would need at least 30 signatures of Master Masons who were members in good standing, of Lodges working under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Georgia. They immediately began to circulate a petition to start a new lodge and obtained signatures of 121 master masons.

While the petition was being circulated a number of brothers who had signed the petition started looking for a location for the new lodge to meet. A suitable location was found at 1410 Broadway, and the second floor of the building was rented for $25.00 a month. With the help of the new petitioners, the upstairs location was remodeled (by these brethren) and prepared to hold lodge meetings.

A special meeting of all the charter members of the new lodge was held at the newly renovated lodge hall, at 3 o’clock pm on February the 17, 1957. It was at this meeting that Harry Andros proposed the name “Mickey Fuller” (in honor of Mickey Wayne Fuller). Harry’s proposal was unanimously adopted as the name for the new Lodge. The name was later approved by the Grand Lodge.

Mickey Wayne Fuller was a young boy having died at age 9 on Feb 3, 1956. He had died at Emory Hospital just two days after a critical heart operation to treat his very serious heart condition. Mickey was the son of Brother Robert E. Fuller Jr. and the Grandson of Brothers William F. Lindsey and Mallory E. Bassett, all three being members of Ft. Hawkins lodge No. 418, and charter members of new lodge being named in his memory.

On February 25, 1957, Ft Hawkins Lodge No. 418, officially recommended the petition for charter, and the petition was sent to the Grand Lodge for approval at the next regular communication in October.  A set of by-laws was prepared for the new lodge and was adopted by the petitioners on February 25, 1957.

Most Worshipful Harvey C. Stephens, Grand Master of Masons in Georgia granted a dispensation authorizing operation of the new Lodge on March 21, 1957.

The first stated meeting of Mickey Fuller Lodge, UD (under dispensation), was held at the lodge Hall, 1410 Broadway, Macon, Ga. on April 11, 1957. Regular meetings began at this location, starting with 118 charter members. Twenty new members were raised at this location while the lodge was still under dispensation.

The Grand Lodge of Georgia, at its 117th annual communication on October 23, 1957, granted the charter for the new lodge as Mickey Fuller Lodge Nr, 720 F&AM.

Mickey Fuller Lodge was now duly constituted and lodge officers were installed on November 14, 1957, by MW John C. Kaufman, GM assisted by other Grand Lodge Officers. 

The following officers were selected to serve the new lodge.

James W. Lindsey, Worshipful Master.   Hubert B. Clements, Senior Deacon.
Charles W. Avant, Senior Warden.   Buford O. Boatwright, Junior Deacon.
Harry Andros, Junior Warden.   Jessie D. Stanley, Senior Steward.
William F. Lindsey, Treasurer   Benjamin R. Stone, Junior Steward.
Jerry M. Hastings, Secretary.   Fisher F. Parks, Chaplain.
Robert E. Fuller, Tyler